Exhibitor Information

  • Artoy Trading LLC
  • Aramco Imports Inc.
  • Bazic Products
  • Creative Home Ideas
  • D.J.H. Inc.
  • Four Seasons General Mechandise 
  • Haddad Intl – Garmentex
  • International Wholesale
  • Jean Philippe Fragrances
  • Florida Wholesale Sunglasses – K.R.B. Music 
  • Mattel – Fisher Price
  • OTAK Home Products Inc.
  • Regent Products Corp.
  • Royalty Settings.Com
  • Sakar International  


ARTOY Trading LLC.

Mr. Omar Arcadia
Email: omar@artoytrading.com

3528 Garfield Avenue.
Commerce, CA   90040

Ph: 323-266-8881
Fax: 323-266-8305
Website: www.artoytrading.com

Artoy Trading LLC is one of the country’s largest wholesale direct importers/exporters of dollar-store toys. What we offer is TOYS, TOYS, and MORE TOYS, both under $1.00 and over $1.00!

Our wide selection includes blister carton, display box, battery toys, seasonal items, and much more variety! We export to different states of Mexico, South America, Central America, as well as distributing to the entire US! Our sales agents are always willing to help and provide excellent service for your needs and purchases.

With over 20 years of Importing/Exporting specializing for Dollar Stores, Retail Suppliers, Distribution Companies, and much more, take advantage of our GREAT SELECTION of toys TODAY!

Aramco Imports Inc.

Mr. Raffy Soulahian
Email: Raffy@aramcoimports.com

Ms. Herlinda Garcia
Email: Herlinda.g@aramcoimports.com

6431 Bandini Blvd.
Commerce, CA  90050

Ph: 323-837-0888 Ext 126
Fax: 323-837-0880
Website: www.aramcoimports.com

ARAMCO IMPORTS, INC. specializes in manufacturing and importing a diverse collection of everyday products ranging from cookware and appliances to toys and specialty food. For over 40 years, Aramco Imports has been supplying and designing high quality products, imported in large quantities, from Asia, Europe, and all over the globe. By doing so we are able to offer products at a price that enables you to pass the savings on to your customers. We proudly display thousands of product items in our showroom and are continually researching and developing more items as the market and customers’ tastes alter.


Bazic Products – Bangkit U.S.A. Inc.

Mr. Nick Bashaw
Email: nbashaw@bazicproducts.com

10511 Valley Boulevard.
El Monte, CA   91731

Direct Ph: 626-672-0834
Fax: 626-672-0835
Website: http://bazicproducts.com/

Bazic Products/Bangkit U.S.A. Inc. partners with factories around the world to produce a line of quality School and Office Products. Since 1998, Bazic Products has packaged and distributed these products from our Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Selling to retailers and distributors across the United States, Canada, Asia, Southern and Central America; Bazic Products developed a reputation as a reliable and flexible partner with innovative and great quality products. This led to distribution agreements with drug stores, grocery stores, discount stores, even some major retailers and College Bookstores; which turned our company into a singular resource for school and office products needs.

Bazic Products has achieved tremendous success providing our customers with the utmost quality and diversity of stationery products while staying true to the singular purpose that has always guided us: to build the value of our company’s products while maintaining the bottom- line dollar ‘value’ of our brand. We achieve this by leveraging our end-user insight to continuously deliver creative and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We focus relentlessly on our customers, judging our performance by their growth, and our prospects by the faith they show in us. This enduring strength is rooted in our souls and permeates into our vision and our work. It’s what makes our customer relations last long and strong—and sets us apart from other companies in the industry.

Building a brand today requires a keen understanding of how new communications technology, new channels, and vibrant creativity combine. This is a world where the consumer is now in control, and consumer insight is paramount, and so the quality and diversity of our products is vital.

We are a values-driven company, guided by the principles of excellence through strong product design at low cost. Our commitment to these values is reflected in our dedication to improving current products and developing new exciting products for our consumers.

Our currency are ideas… We thrive on imagination, passion and leadership… We have great products. And the bottom line is, we will rise with you…

Creative Home Ideas a YMF Company.

Mr. Alex Mayants

Email: alex@ymfinc.com

295 5th Avenue,  Suite 1714

New York, NY.   10016

Ph: 212-213-1096 Cell: 917-837-3103 Fax: 212-213-8764

Website: www.ymfinc.com

Creative Home Ideas is a family owned business offering a wide assortment of area, accent, bath and kitchen rugs.  Our new showroom in Miami showcases rugs to warm up a living room; or kitchen and bath rugs to compliment a home’s décor.

D.J.H. Inc.

Mr. Larry Moncada
Email: larry@djhinc.com

Mr. Marc Siegel
Email: marc@djhinc.com

Mr. Marvin Tuchklaper
Email: marvin@djhinc.com

Mr. Glenn Kipilman
Email: glenn@djhinc.com

5390 NW 161 Street
Miami Gardens, FL 33014

Ph: 305-620-1990
Fax: 305-620-1775
Website: www.djhinc.com

D.J.H. Inc. is the largest closeout distributor in South Florida. If you are looking to purchase name brand products at deep discounts, D.J.H. Inc. is your South Florida Profit Center !!!!


Four Seasons General Merchandise.

Mr. Bruce Gabbai

Mr. Glenn Kipilman
Email: glenn@djhinc.com

2801 East Vernon Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90058

Ph: 323-582-4444
Cell: 954-600-0521
Fax: 305-620-1775
Website: http://4sgm.com

Four Seasons General Merchandise is a leader in import, wholesale, distribution and export within the general merchandise industry, online and offline.

Our showroom and warehouse have been expanding throughout the years, the former currently at 25,000 sq. ft. in Vernon, holds over 10,000 hand-picked items in more than 50 different categories. In 2005, 4sgm.com started housing its entire inventory in a cutting edge warehouse measuring 400,000 sq. ft. This large storage space and purchasing power acquired through numerous years of experience enable us to effectively work with a variety of high-quality (per price point) merchandise to fulfill your specific wholesale needs.

As the success of 4sgm.com increases each year, it attracts not only more North American customers, but international ones from every corner of the world.


Haddad Intl. – Garmentex.

Mr. Alan Haddad

Email: Garmentex@aol.com

330 Hurst Street

Linden, NJ.   07036

Ph: 908-862-2888  Fax: 908-862-0044

Website: www.garmentex.com


Garmentex is your number one source for Name Brand soft goods.


International Wholesale, Inc.

Contact your D.J.H. Salesperson

Mr. Larry Moncada
Email: larry@djhinc.com

Mr. Marc Siegel
Email: marc@djhinc.com

Mr. Marvin Tuchklaper
Email: marvin@djhinc.com

Mr. Glenn Kipilman
Email: glenn@djhinc.com

International Wholesale. We are wholesale food distributors and suppliers of merchandise to dollar stores, dollar plus stores, wholesalers, jobbers, supermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores and many other types of retailers and wholesalers. With over 4,000 wholesale dollar store items, we have helped our customers open and operate dollar stores throughout the United States, from New England to Florida, from North or South Carolina to California. We also export our dollar items across the globe, including to the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, Canada, Africa, the Philippines and the Middle East.


Jean Philippe Fragrances.

Mr. Michelle Bes
Email: mbes@interparfumsinc.com

Mr. Marc Siegel
Email: marc@djhinc.com

Mr. Marvin Tuchklaper
Email: marvin@djhinc.com


551 Fifth Avenue  #1500

New York, NY.   10176

•Develops, produces and distributes premium value fragrances, cosmetics, skin, bath and hair care products worldwide for over 26 years
•Extensive Mass Market and Specialty Chain Retail presence throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico
•Value driven and highly recognizable brands across fragrance and HBA categories

Florida Wholesale Sunglasses – K.R.B. Music.

Mr. Kenneth Bennett
Email: Ken@krbmusic.com

Mr. Eddie Wilner
Email: eddie@krbmusic.com

7685 Matoaka Road
Sarasota, FL 34243

Ph: 941-357-1640
Fax: 941-357-1641
Website: www.krbmusic.com


Mattel – Fisher Price.

** Contact your D.J.H. Account Manager **

Mr. Larry Moncada
Email: larry@djhinc.com

Mr. Marc Siegel
Email: marc@djhinc.com

Mr. Marvin Tuchklaper
Email: marvin@djhinc.com

Mr. Glenn Kipilman
Email: glenn@djhinc.com

5390 NW 161 Street
Miami Gardens, FL 33014

Ph: 305-620-1990
Fax: 305-620-1775

D.J.H. Inc. is the largest closeout distributor in South Florida. If you are looking to purchase name brand products at deep discounts, D.J.H. Inc. is the right place for you!

OTAK Home Products Inc.

Mr. Tamer Elashry
Email: Tamer@otakhomeproducts.com

Mr. Taher Elashry
Email: Taher@otakuntl.com

2080 N. 15th Avenue

Melrose Park,  IL.  60160


Contact D.J.H. for further information.


Regent Products Corp.

Ms. Lisa Schueler
Email: lschueler@regentproducts.com

Ms. Raime Ralyte
Email: raime@regentproducts.com

Mr. Michael DePaul
Email: mdepaul@regentproducts.com

8999 Palmer Street
River Grove, IL 60171

Ph: 708-583-1000
Fax: 708-583-1400
Website: www.regentproducts.com

Regent Products Corp. is the industry’s leading supplier of direct imports, domestic general merchandise, dollar store items, and name brand closeouts. We are committed to helping our customers grow and remain successful by offering more than 3,000 items across 20 everyday and seasonal categories, timely shipments, and exceptional customer service.

Royalty Settings.Com

Mr. Reuven Levovitz
Email: mailto:info@royaltysettings.com

5390 NW 161 Street
Miami Gardens, FL 33014

Ph: 516-551-3270

Website: www.royaltysettings.com


Sakar International

Mr. Fred Saka
Email: fsaka@sakar.com

Mr. Bryan Wensloff
Email: bwensloff@sakar.com

195 Carter Drive
Edison, NJ 08817

Ph: 732-248-1306
Fax: 732-248-4269
Website: www.sakar.com

2018 Show Dates

  • January  14 – 16, 2018

  •    Invitation Only – Goodwill Industries Private Event

  •       February 5 – 6 – 7, 2018

  • April 15 – 17, 2018

  • June 24 – 26, 2018

  • August 26 – 28, 2018

     October 7 – 9, 2018